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Adele Lee Photography
Our wedding was in their careful and capable hands
Adele and her husband, Seth, are the dream team of wedding photographers. They are patient, thorough and exact in their craft. I never once questioned a single shot or idea. I felt both embraced and laidback through the entire process (and that process can take a while to iron it ALL out!)- knowing that our wedding was in their careful and capable hands. The day of- all the nerves and worry about getting the “perfect pictures” fluttered away. I would recommend Adele tenfold over and Adele Lee Photography made my amazing (but very whirlwind) wedding weekend remain now forever in our memories and our hearts- visually. It is truly priceless to have a batch of outstanding photos that take you back – time and time again- to your moments that made it what it is- your very OWN special wedding weekend. Surrounded by all those you love. I literally look at them every day- and “feel all the feels”.
Reviewed by: Eliza on September 03, 2013.
Rating: ★★★★★ (5 out of 5)
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Adele Lee Photography

Winston Salem Engagement Photographer {Graylyn}

What an amazing feeling to blog one of my oldest friends and her hubby to be. I’ve known her for going on 24 years, which is hard to believe. We met in Kindergarden and spent our childhoods together, causing all sorts of ruckus in which details are not permitted on this blog! You know people don’t change too much, we grow…learn, but move through our lives, personalities in tact. She is the same, and so am I, we are are just grown up…which is kindoff surreal? Spending the past 3 hours looking at these photos, I am reminded of the years of boy crazy adolescents, j-cew catalogs, trips to the lake, fire alarms and getting caught (for what I will never tell!). And now here is my friend, getting married to an amazing man, and I am able to share my passion of photographer with them. I wish them all the happiness they can find and know that they are beginning a beautiful life together! I hope these photos are always a sentiment from their engagement and pre-wedding months and that their grandchildren swoon over them one day!