Ms. Bella

I love that I am shooting lots of rural settings since the move from Myrtle Beach to Pilot Mountain, NC. This family’s farm is 5 minutes up the road from our house, so you can see that we live in the “country”, like really. I do love it out here though, we can only see one neighbor from our front door and not a single soul from the back. Just rolling hills that will be full of hay, green grass and blue skies pretty soon…providing me with some awesome backdrops this spring. I’ve been preparing for this change by searching for old antique couches, trunks, chairs, and quilts. Most of my sessions in the next few months are planned within 10 minutes of our house, I’ve snapped about 20 spots on my cell phone in the area, safely keeping in my back pocket for clients! This move has given me a creative push and I am thrilled to share with you whats to come in the next few months. I photographed Bella and Mom at the beach last summer and she has grown into a little toddler! It was great to see them again!