Douglas + Lesley Ann

Wedding Days are always filled with surprises and part of my job is being very adaptable to all things! It was less than perfect weather for Lesley Ann and Douglas’s big day although no one skipped a beat! We all worked around the rather unpredictable downpours throughout the day. I love this couple and their families! Douglas is completely hilarious. This was brought to my attention durning their engagement session in which I took some very blurry photographs… due to outbursts of uncontrollable laughter (Don’t worry, just a few!). Lesley Ann’s classy southern taste and laid back personality paved the way for a perfect plantation wedding. As always I love working with my very favorite event planner, Sara Wise from The Bride’s Maid Event Planning and More (! Enjoy the story of their wedding day, all of the time I’ve spent with these two over the past few months has been a pleasure and I will miss them!