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Adele Lee Photography
Our wedding was in their careful and capable hands
Adele and her husband, Seth, are the dream team of wedding photographers. They are patient, thorough and exact in their craft. I never once questioned a single shot or idea. I felt both embraced and laidback through the entire process (and that process can take a while to iron it ALL out!)- knowing that our wedding was in their careful and capable hands. The day of- all the nerves and worry about getting the “perfect pictures” fluttered away. I would recommend Adele tenfold over and Adele Lee Photography made my amazing (but very whirlwind) wedding weekend remain now forever in our memories and our hearts- visually. It is truly priceless to have a batch of outstanding photos that take you back – time and time again- to your moments that made it what it is- your very OWN special wedding weekend. Surrounded by all those you love. I literally look at them every day- and “feel all the feels”.
Reviewed by: Eliza on September 03, 2013.
Rating: ★★★★★ (5 out of 5)
Adele Gibson
Adele Lee Photography

Pilot Mountain Baby, Child and Family Photographer {Sweet Family in Downtown}

Since my hubby was born and raised in Pilot Mountain, North Carolina NC…most sessions here will come with a story or a childhood connection. When we got married and bought a house here 7 years ago, small town life was new to me! On more than one occasion, someone stopped me in the grocery store and asked if our baby belonged to my husband. Its true that he favored my husband a great deal, and still does, but seriously? The term, “everyone knows everyone” is an understatement. How about everyone knows you, your mama, used to be your babysitter, teacher, basketball coach or remembers the house your grandaddy built which is across from the old store where they bought candy as a child. I love the details that don’t go forgotten in a small town…and the pace which is steady and uncrowded, giving the mind a place to wander but without missing the little moments filling up a normal day. When someone wants to know who I am, I just say my husbands name, his dads last name and moms maiden name…their eyes light up and I now have a place in the sweet little southern story. My husbands aunt does my hair, I know all the ladies at the bank and half of the people who have businesses on Main Street. I love that our boys will grow up here with a true place in this story. I am a Winston Salem city girl transplanted here by marriage but their roots will be deep in this community, just like my husbands, his parents, grandparents and great grandparents alike. I am not totally sidetracked in all of this chatter though, promise! This sweet Grandma is my Mother in Law’s nearest and dearest friend. When she called excited that her children, son in law and grandchild were going to be in town at the same time, I knew it would be a perfect first session in Pilot Mountain after the big move. I just love the spunk of this little guy and his baby blues, downtown offered the perfect backdrop for this homecoming, enjoy!